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 Designed by Anita Lee Creations

Anita Lee Creations PSP Tubes Volume 2 is a CD containing over 1,100 Paint Shop Pro tubes for use with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro Version 7 or higher. Please see my TERMS OF USE before purchase, and view sample images for quality and size.

Images include: Fae, Children, Christmas, Halloween, buildings, sexy women, men, flowers, trees,  miscellaneous, oriental, pagan/Wiccan, poser women, African American women, Asian women, faces, decorative items and many more.  Some images come in a variety of poses and colors.

These are quality vibrant nice size images which can be used to make stationary, e-cards, business cards, logos, tags and many other things. They hold no restrictions other than reselling them or sharing them in and of themselves (i.e. the tubes). You may use them for designs for personal or commercial use.  Any additional information needed please email me

The PSP tubes are larger then the above examples.  The price for the CD is $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping in the US.  Available in both PSD (Photoshop & other programs) or PSP (Paint shop pro) versions.













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