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For those who would like to use my older images in .psp format in other programs.  The links below convert the .psp extensions to .png

Photo Impact Resource Center

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I paid for my membership and didn't receive the passwords


This could be due to a number of things:

My membership area is not automated.  So, sometimes I am sick or out of town and it may take me a little extra time to get back to you.  DO NOT worry, this will not take any time away from the membership time you are paying for.

Check your junk mail folder.  AOL & Yahoo like to put my emails there or even block them completely.

Check to see that the address on your Pay Pal account is valid. This happens all the time...the address is no longer valid and it comes back to me and I have no way of contacting the person. This is especially pleasant when the person contacts me after several days full of piss and attitude when it was their fault.

Make sure your mailbox can receive mail and is not full (over quota).

Passwords are sent to the address on the Pay Pal account unless otherwise notified.





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