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PSP Tubes Membership

For current examples go here:


Over 7500 images in member's area.  Not currently updating. Samples contain a few pieces and do not show everything available. I accept and welcome requests, suggestions, and ideas. Samples images may take a moment to load below


Membership also now includes access to my Incredimail area as well as pixel tags and tubes.  The pixel tag area has it's own terms of use, so be sure to read those as well before using those tags and tubes.


Terms of Use for Poser Tubes

A link back to this site is not required but is always appreciated if you choose to do so.

Please don't give out the password to anyone... only fair. 

These images may be used in any commercial or non-commercial creation, however I retain the original copyright to of the images. The images I offer are made with Poser and Daz/Studio software and are mine to do with as I please commercially. The original Poser files which I have purchased are never shared, if you feel there is a problem contact me. I in no way intend to infringe on anyone's copyrighted works.

These graphics can be used for making: websites, Sig tags, stickers, note cards, address labels, cafe express items, invitations, stationary, Incredimail, candy wrappers, scrap booking (please see terms of use), eBay auction templates, business cards, just to name a few.



How to Join

PLEASE send an alternate email if you use AOL or Yahoo. AOL seems to block all email not just spam so you may not get your passwords. I will then issue you the name and password, most likely in less than 24 hours (time not guaranteed) which will be valid for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year depending upon your choice and payment.... my websets are not included in this membership. These are quality, original decent sized tubes that I use to make many of my own sets. You can sell any creation you make with the tubes, but not the tubes themselves in their present state as mentioned above (i.e. burning a CD and reselling them as tubes), and no link back to this site is required.  Memberships are NOT automatically renewed. You must renew each time yours expires.  The membership area contains a wide variety of tubes from people to objects and more.  No refunds are given, as I take member requests if their are any specific style of tubes you would like to see more of.

All images are made with Paint Shop Pro Version 8 and saved with a .psp & those made after 2005 in PSD extension also. They are compatible with Versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well. They are on a transparent background and can be used by any program that recognizes a .psp or PSD extension. 


PSP Tube Membership(not currently updating - this is to access existing tubes) for max of 3 months access - no guarantee of updates $12.95

Alternative Email

~NOTE: If you order a membership and haven't heard from me in a day, send me an email from an alternate email address, Almost every time I can't email to AOL addresses so you will not receive your passwords unless you provide me with an alternative address - these will never be shared. It would also be smart to check that you do not have a block on your email (especially a problem with AOL addresses).




This sies growing categories include: Hearts, dogs, Egyptian tubes, African American men and women, angels, astrology, banners, birds, hummingbirds, bows, butterflies, cats: domestic and wild, Christian, Christmas, creepy (Halloween too), crystal balls, decorative, castles, castle elements, decorative, doors, faeries, faerie wings, flowers, garden, gothic, leafy, mermaids, military, miscellaneous, mystical, nautical, oriental, pagan, Wiccan, patriotic, pirates, pirate things, plants, poser, poser women, tropical fish, faces, windows, wreaths, zodiac, horses, Camelot style poser, deer, pottery, ghosts, spiders, baskets, animae-style, ballerinas, chopper, trees, cars, witches, furniture, faces (head shots), autumn and planets. New tubes are added periodically.

Any Questions? Feel free to contact me:

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