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    What is Credit Repair?

    The credit score is a reflection of an individual’s financial state. It is a three-digit statistical number that can vary between 300 and 850, which throws light upon the entire credit history of a person. Lenders, financial organizations such as banks, potential landlords, insurance companies, debt collectors, utility services, and government agencies are the entities that bring into consideration one’s credit score and credit history. It helps them evaluate a borrower’s or consumer’s creditworthiness (Kagan, 5).

    The final decision of the lender, whether to provide a consumer with a loan or service, depends significantly on the credit score. It is a model by Fair Isaac Corporation – FICO, which assists lenders to assess a borrower’s credit risk (Kagan, 5).

    Understanding Creditworthiness

    When an individual fills out a loan application or a credit card request, the creditworthiness will determine the chances of acceptance of an application. It depends upon credit history, which shows how a person has dealt with credit in the past. The credit score plays a crucial role in determining one’s creditworthiness. A high credit score leads to high creditworthiness (Steele, 9).

    Anyone who does not perform well in their finances has to endure a bad credit score. A low credit score can dishearten anyone. A credit score between 300 and 579 is an abysmal score. People with a score within this range struggle to qualify for a credit card, rent an apartment, or even get an approval on a loan request (Dhir, 5)

    Factors Contributing to Bad Credit Score

    A poor credit history leads to a bad credit score, which can strip one of their peace of mind. Several factors contribute to a bad credit score and these include:

    Late Payments

    A person who makes late credit card payments will automatically fall under bad credit holders. The payment history makes up as much as 35% of the credit score (Hayes, 25).

    Payment Defaults

    Defaulting on the credit card bills and failing to make any payments guarantees a bad credit score. It can even lead to account charge-off, the worst thing for a credit score. It is a situation when a lender gives up on the borrower (Hayes, 25).

    Defaulting on Loan

    Failing to pay back the loan has similar effects on the credit score as the account charge-off.

    Filing for Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is something that an individual opts for when there are no other options. It is the last refuge and can stay in the credit history for up to seven years (Fontinelle, 12).

    Home Foreclosure

    A lender forecloses on a home when a borrower has defaulted mortgage payments or gets behind the mortgage payments. A lot of people with a poor credit record and score give up on their finances and lose hope. A good thing about a bad credit standing is that it is fixable damage. Bad credit is not a permanent situation, and credit repair can help in restoring a suitable credit score (Fontinelle, 12).

    Credit Repair – A Solution to Bad Credit Score

    Bad credit is a situation that everyone can come out with the help of credit repair. Credit repair is a process that can fix or correct a bad credit score and report by addressing the inaccurate and untrue information on the report. It is the process through which bad creditors by simply identifying mistakes in the credit report. People can carry out the process themselves, but it does require a lot of work, which is why hiring a credit repair company is the smartest option (Steele, 9).

    Working of Credit Repair

    It is crucial to understand that repairing poor credit is not as easy as it seems. Moreover, it is a process that takes time. People opting for credit repair services have to stay patient throughout the entire process. The purpose of the process is to free a person’s credit report from erroneous, inaccurate, untrue, and unverified information. The possible sources of such information ending up on a person’s credit report include mistake by or miscommunication with creditor and mistake by credit reporting agencies (Irby, 15).

    People can file a dispute themselves or hire a credit repair service to do it for them. These disputes address the inaccuracy and incorrect information in the credit report. A person gets free access to credit reports at the end of every year and after a significant financial setback such as rejection of loan application. Other than the correction of inaccurate details on a report, other factors can contribute to rebuilding or repairing a credit score, such as usage and activity of credit (Irby, 15).

    Common Credit Repair Mistakes

    Credit repair is a process of setting a fair picture of a person’s finances in an attempt to improve their credit. Many people avoid spending money on hiring a professional credit repair company and try to take things in their own hands. A person working to repair their credit can make these common mistakes, which can further complicate the matters for them (Probasco, 12).

    Not Checking Credit Report

    The biggest mistake to proceed with the credit repair without taking a look at the updated credit report (Probasco, 12).

    Not Possessing Credit Education

    When it comes to improving credit, the more a person knows, the better it is (Probasco, 12).

    Disputing Everything

    It is best to file a dispute only for information that one knows is inaccurate. A credit bureau does not take matters seriously when an individual files a dispute for everything (Probasco, 12).

    Role of Credit Repair Services

    Even though people can file disputes on their own, choosing a credit repair company can ease out the entire process for them. Taking the matters in their own hands can stress out the people struggling with bad credit (Hayes, 25).

    Credit repair service providers help their clients become better applicants. These companies guarantee an improvement in the credit, and they charge a fee for their efforts. Different companies may charge a different initial and monthly fee. The initial fee may lie within the range of $10 to $100, and the monthly fee may vary from $30 to $100 (Irby, 14).

    A credit repair company works with credit reporting agencies to investigate how inaccurate information ended up on the report. Credit repair can help people with bad credit to improve their finances and even attain financial stability (Irby, 14).

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